The Best Food Tours In Rome: Experience The Rich Cuisine Of The Italian Capital

Experience the best food tours in Rome through these amazing experiences that will help you understand why Rome is one of the culinary capitals of the world

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Any avid traveler might hard-pressed to find a city that is more important to world cuisine than Rome, Italy. With a history that dates back over 2,800 years, Rome is steeped in culinary heritage, and there is no better way to experience the wealth of flavors in Italy’s capital than through one of these magnificent Rome food tours.

Whether you’re interested in traditional Italian fare, modern dining, or the rich ethnic fusion developed through thousands of years of cultural menagerie, food tours in Rome can help you learn about the city, its people, and the rich, vibrant, and sometimes savage history that has occurred within.

Through classic dishes such as pizza, Caprese salad, and pasta, to the magnificent dessert tours, and food history tours, you’ll gain a new appreciation for these dishes that have led to Italian being a worldwide culinary favorite. And you’ll understand that there are far more to many of these famous dishes than you thought.

So put on your comfy shoes and stretchy pants, because you’ll be eating our way through one of the world’s most incredible cities on these Rome food tours.

Booking Food Tours In Rome

There are a number of excellent Rome food tours, many are offered via various small businesses or organized teams. It’s possible to book directly with many of these companies, although, like many small businesses in the tourism sector, it’s not always easy to connect directly. This is why we prefer to book through aggregators such as Get Your Guide and Viator. Viator was recently purchased by TripAdvisor, which also offers links to tours. Sometimes the prices are different between them can be different, so it helps to shop around.

Booking through a major aggregator (a booking website for tours), usually includes price guarantee’s, cancellation policy’s, and a refund policy in the event that the tour is cancelled unexpectedly.

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The Best Rome Food Tours

Rome food tours come in all shapes and sizes. Half of the fun is wandering around the classic architecture and artwork that seems to be hiding around each and every corner. And each tour offers it’s own unique take on this historic city and the people that created one of the world’s first foodie destinations.

Campo de Fiori Market Food and Wine Tour

This 4-hour Rome food tour dives in to the gastronomic traditions of the city and how it connects to some of the most important history and art that is found throughout Rome. The tour explore the Trevi district, home to the monumental Trevi Fountain. Along the way, guests will visit the Campo de Fiori Market and get a taste of local flavors such as pizza, cured meats, pasta, gelato, and more.

As you explore on this guided tour you’ll also visit some of Rome’s most important locations such as the Pantheon and Piazza Navona as well as many of the city’s hidden gems.

And, of course, you can’t have a proper food tour in Rome without tasting some of the legendary Italian wines. And you’ll get a chance to sample a few glasses to pair with your tastings.

This tour is sold by Viator and Get Your Guide with the GYG tour being a night tour. You can find a link to those and the TripAdvisor profile below.

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Rome Street Food Tour 

Immerse yourself in the local culture of Rome as you embark on this small-group Rome walking and food tour. You’ll visit local street vendors that serve up unique twists on dishes such as pizza, suppli, and seasonal dishes. The tour focuses on Rome’s Jewish quarter where some of the best food in Rome has emerged from.

The tour starts in Piazza del Biscione where you’ll experience charcuterie and cured meats along with some local wine. Next, you’ll make your way to the Jewish quarter for some zucchini flower frittersand artisenal gelato. As you continue to eat your way through the city you’ll visit Pompey’s Theater and Rome’s city center.

This is a Rome food tour that you’ll want to loosen your pants for. This tour is sold by Get Your Guide and Viator. You can find the link below.

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Hidden Gems And Local Rome Food Tour

This Rome food skips the most touristy places and focuses on finding the most authentic flavors of Rome, Italy. The tour hits 10 hidden gems and includes 19 tastings that include breakfast lunch, dessert, and traditional Italian afternoon coffee.

I love the hands on experiences where you learn to make your own fresh pasta at a traditional Italian restaurant. And guests will love the in-depth details that the tour guides share about the details of proper Rome cuisine. Each location has its own story and rich history. You’ll leave this tour with a much deeper insight into not just the food, but the people who craft it.

This food tour is sold by Viator and Get Your Guide but I haven’t found reference on TripAdvisor. You can find the link below.

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Bike or E-Bike Street Food Tour In Rome

I love combining bike tours with food tours. Most food tours in places like New York, Rome, and New Orleans tend to involve a lot of walking. And while I enjoy working off some of the major calories that I’m inhaling, a bike tour usually allows me experience a broader range of food experiences and neighborhoods than a walking tour.

This Rome cycling food tour is amazing, and it’s a great one for families as well. The bikes have child seats that can accommodate children up to 55 lbs and they even have a few bike trailers that can hold kids up to 8-years old. You also get your choice of a bike or e-bike, so you can save some of that energy for exploring other wonderful food experiences in Rome.

The tour includes a ride along the banks of the Tiber where you’ll stop and eat your way through local specialities while learning about the history and stories of the city. It’s set up as a six-tasting culinary journey where you’ll visit different local companies and enjoy a range of cuisines.

This tour is offered through Get Your Guide. I haven’t been able to find it on TripAdvisor. You can find the link below.

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Prati District At Sunset Food Tour

This is one of the most highly rated food tours in Rome. Not just because of the incredible culinary experiences along the way, but because sunset is the most magical time to exlore this ancient city.

You’ll stroll the streets of Prati, dipping into various gourmet food stores to sample some of the most unique and fabulous dishes. Along the way you’ll visit local gems and snack on traditional cured meets, cheeses, authentic piza, and meet some of the artisanal food makers that make up the Rome food scene.

The group tours top out at 13 people, so securing a spot early is important. This tour is booked via Viator and you can find the link below.

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Taste of Testaccio

With over 1,000 reviews and 5-star rating, there was no way that I would leave the Taste of Testaccio Rome food tour off of this list. The Testaccio Market is the most popular market in Rome among locals, and there are big reasons why.

This tour takes you through the historic Roman neighborhood and introduces you to the local culinary scene. You’ll walk through the streets dropping in to local bakeries, shops, and eateries to sample pastry’s, pasta’s, and baked treats that have been enjoyed here for decades.

The tour includes a guided exploration of the Testaccio Market where you can experience the produce and chat with the local vendors as well as sample the famous friend rice balls konwn as Suppli. You’ll even stop at one of the neighborhoods most famous restaurants to experience a light, traditional meal.

The tour also includes artisan gelato, fresh pasta, wine, and cured meats and cheese plates. All while learning about the rich history of the neighborhood, and the city as a whole.

This tour is offered by Viator and Get Your Guide and you can ind the link below.

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Tips For Enjoying Food Tours In Rome

Food tours are one of the best ways to experience Rome, Italy. The sites, sounds, smells, and the raw attitude of this famous urban wonder are in a world of their own.

To make sure that you have the best time on your Rome food experience, here are a few things to remember before you head out.

  • Show up rested – Most Rome food tours only last a few hours (3-5), but walking the old neighborhoods can involve a lot of stairs, rough, cobblestone streets, and winding paths. Make sure you’ve had a good sleep before you explore.
  • Wear comfortable shoes – Most Rome food tours are walking tours. None of them involve huge distances (normally between 1.5-3 miles) and typically involve many stops along the way. But wearing comfortable shoes will ensure that you still have the energy to explore the city at the end of the tour, especially due to the uneven cobblestone streets in many of the older neighborhoods.
  • Check the weather –Rome is a city with mild winters and tropical summers. From February to June and September to mid-November, the weather is amazing. But the summers can be blisteringly hot. If you’re visiting Rome during the summer, dress in light, airy clothes and hats to protect against the harsh sun.

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