8 Must-Try Foods In Quebec City: Get A Taste For The City With These Incredible Dishes

Discover the culinary delights of Quebec with our guide to the best food in Quebec City. From savory poutine to mouthwatering tourtière, explore the flavors of this charming Canadian city.

A castle-like Chateau Frontenac at sunset showcaing the best food in Quebec City
The famous Chateau Frontenac hotel at sunset – Photo credit: Kevin Wagar

If you love food as much as we do, Canada might not be the country that immediately pops up on your radar. But there is some shockingly unique food in Canada, and there’s nowhere where culinary delights are on brighter display than in Quebec City in Canada’s largest province of Quebec.

Quebec is as European as it comes in North America. The capital of Canada’s only Francophone province oozes old-world charm with cobblestone streets and historic stone buildings. The historic charm is only enhanced by the knowledge that Quebec City is Canada’s second-oldest city and was the city that really fortified the commonwealth’s hold on North America.

Like much of Europe, a big part of Quebec culture is focused on food. And those who visit here learn fairly quickly just how strong an influence food culture has on both locals and visitors alike.

I’ve had the opportunity to visit Quebec City countless times, taking in the cultural wonders of both the city’s old town and the modern amenities of the Great Quebec City area. And while there’s no doubt that the city’s greatest historic treasures lie in its old town core, the food culture in Quebec City expands far beyond that into the many neighborhoods that make up the city as a whole.

The Best Food In Quebec City

If you’re planning on traveling to Quebec, be prepared to eat. Québécois cuisine is not something to be overlooked by anyone visiting this city.

Do yourself a favor when you visit by bringing your nicest pair of stretchy pants because the food in Quebec City is rich, sweet, and decadent.

From high-end cuisine to local Québécois favorites, here are some of the Québécois dishes that you need to try while you’re in Quebec City.


Beef and bacon poutine from La Souche Microbrasserie in Quebec City
Beef and bacon poutine from La Souche Microbrasserie in Quebec City – Photo credit: Kevin Wagar

Let’s address the elephant in the room straight away.

Poutine is a Quebec staple and you’ll find every variation of this greasy comfort food throughout Quebec City. I’m a fan, and I have been since I first tasted poutine back in the 80s.

Proper poutine is a dish of French-fried potatoes topped with cheese curds and smothered in a deep, rich beef gravy. Poutine has taken the world by storm, and it’s now one of the most iconic of all of the food in Canada.

Poutine was first conceived in the 1950s, and several businesses lay claim to its invention, although Le Roy Jucep, a drive-in restaurant in Drummondville, Quebec, has the most telling story. Owner Jean-Paul Roy began serving the combination in 1958 and added it to the menu in 1964 as “fromage-patate-sauce after customers began adding cheese curds to their traditional orders of “fries and gravy.”

Today, poutine can be found throughout the world, but some of the best is in Quebec City. Some might say that this is because of the traditional Québécois cheese curds or the special attention paid to the quality of the gravy.

Poutine in Quebec City can now be found in all forms, from fast food fare at Chez Ashton to gourmet poutine topped with beef, bacon, chili, and more and restaurants across the city, including the city’s La Souche microbrewery where I had an unforgettable beef and bacon poutine.

Maple Bacon

Those who love bacon will find their stomachs rumbling as soon as the smell of this delicious fried pork dish hits their nostrils.

Somehow, Quebec has made bacon even better by simply adding maple syrup.

Maple bacon showcases Quebec’s maple syrup tradition and their love for all things pork. Unlike store-bought maple bacon, properly glazed maple bacon that’s served up at Quebec City restaurants like La Buche in Quebec’s walled city serves up a treat where a sweet, silky, and rich maple glaze complements the crispiness of perfectly cooked bacon.

It’s not just a dish; it’s an embodiment of Quebec’s culinary identity, where the sweet allure of maple syrup meets the smoky charm of bacon, providing a tantalizing contrast that leaves taste buds in a state of bliss.

Maple Taffy

Maple taffy is prepared on a bed of snow in Quebec City
Maple taffy is prepared on a bed of snow in Quebec City

Canada produces an astonishing 91% of the world’s maple syrup. And over 70% of its supply comes from the province of Quebec. While maple tasting is one of the best things to do in the province of Quebec, there’s one special way that you should try this delicious syrup while you’re in Quebec City.

Maple Taffy is a traditional Québécois treat. Stop by La Petite cabane à Sucre de Québec on Rue du Petit Champlain in the city’s Lower Town and try this gooey treat.

Maple Taffy is made by pouring out thickened, high-grade maple syrup over a bed of snow. As it cools and hardens, the taffy is wrapped around a popsicle stick and served up as a sticky treat. Somehow, cooling it down and serving it on a stick, maple syrup is somehow ten times better.

Maple taffy is one of my favorite Canadian treats and is one of the must-try foods in Quebec City.

French-Canadian Crêpes

True to its French heritage, crêpes are one of the top foods to eat in Quebec City. These thin, light pancakes aren’t big and fluffy like the pancakes we use for our bananas foster recipe.

French-Canadian crêpes are thin and easy to eat. They’re made with buckwheat flour and are notably thicker and crispier than their counterparts from France.

French-Canadian crêpes come in all different forms, from sweet desserts stuffed with strawberries, bananas, and whipped cream to savory meals filled with poached egg and hollandaise sauce.

To try some of the best crêpes in Quebec City, swing over to Le Billig on Rue Saint-Jean. Try their signature ham and cheese served with a runny egg on top. Pair it with a glass of locally made apple cider.

Bannock and Berries

a hand holds up a fire-cooked dish of bannock and berries at Hotel Musee Premiers Nations in Quebec City
Fire-cooked dish of bannock and berries at Hotel Musee Premiers Nations in Quebec City – Photo credit: Kevin Wagar

Quebec City is home to the only Indigenous community located within a major Canadian city. The town of Wendake, Quebec, is a Wendat community with a rich cultural heritage and proud traditions.

Its unique position on the edge of Quebec City has allowed Wendake to introduce countless locals and visitors to First Nations traditions and culinary experiences.

There’s no better place to experience First Nations cuisine than at the Hotel Musee Premiers Nations. This luxury Indigenous-run hotel features an engaging museum of First Nations cultural items and immersive programs, including Indigenous storytelling in a traditional longhouse and bannock and berry cooking over an open fire.

Bannock and berries hold an important place in Huron culture, serving as a symbol of sustenance, tradition, and connection to the land. This delightful combination of hearty bannock bread, often made from cornmeal or wheat, paired with sweet and tangy wild berries, embodies the essence of First Nations cuisine.

Tourtière Pie

French Canadian Tourtier Recipe

Tourtière is one of the most popular foods in Quebec City. This traditional

Tourtière is a savory and aromatic Quebec meat pie that is traditionally made with a flavorful filling of ground pork or a mix of meats, seasoned with a blend of spices like cloves, cinnamon, and allspice.

It’s a traditionally home-cooked comfort dish that is typically encased in a flaky pastry crust and is a beloved staple of Canadian cuisine, especially during the holiday season. Its popularity has taken foodies by storm.

Located in the oldest house in Canada, dating back to 1675, the restaurant Aux Anciens Canadiens serves up some of the best tourtières in Quebec City.

You can find our authentic French Canadian tourtiere recipe right here.

Pea Soup

Known locally as “soupe aux pois, pea soup is one of the favorite foods among locals in Quebec City.

Pea soup is a hearty and healthy dish that makes a perfect compliment to Quebec City’s long, cold winters. The dish was introduced to the region more than 400 years ago when Samuel de Champlain began his explorations of “New France.”

In Quebec, pea soup evolved with the introduction of local ingredients. Today, there are nearly as many variations of pea soup as there are of poutine. Many include pork, yellow peas, and vegetables slowly simmered in a broth. You can find it at many of the best sugar shacks and restaurants in Quebec City.

Fois Gras

A distinctive and decorative dish of fois gras served at Laurie Raphael restaurant in Quebec City
A distinctive and decorative dish of fois gras served at Laurie Raphael restaurant in Quebec City – Photo credit: Kevin Wagar

It seems like every restaurant in Quebec City serves up Fois Gras in one form or another. It’s undeniable that this is one of the favorite foods to eat in the city.

This famous French dish made of the liver of a duck or goose that has been fattened by gavage embodies the city’s reputation for culinary excellence. This luxurious delicacy is a testament to Quebec’s dedication to gastronomic sophistication, as it showcases the region’s commitment to producing top-quality ingredients.

Fois Gras features a velvety, melt-in-your-mouth richness that’s simply unparalleled. When served at fine dining restaurants in Quebec City, such as the five diamond-star Laurie Raphael in the city’s Lower Town, this delicacy is prepared with great care, reflecting the culinary expertise of the chefs who honor its legacy.

Quebec City’s commitment to ethical and sustainable farming practices ensures that the production of Foie Gras is not only an art but also a responsible endeavor. Whether enjoyed in an upscale restaurant or a cozy bistro, tasting Foie Gras in Quebec City is an unforgettable culinary experience that allows you to appreciate the artistry and passion of this traditional dish.


Not long ago, all of the best cheese in Quebec was imported from France. But over the past couple of decades, Quebec’s fromageries have evolved into some of the best in the world.

Regional cheesemakers, including many from nearby ile d’Orleans, have led a growing movement that has left the province’s focus on specialty cheddars behind. Cheese lovers will find a variety of delicious local cheeses, and they are delicious!

One of the regional favorites is Lait Cru, a local unpasteurized cheese that you’ll want to sample before going home. There are more than 400 original varieties made here, and you can find many of them on sale along Rue Saint-Jean in old Quebec.

But if you want the true Quebec fromagerie experience, head out of the city center to Fromagerie Les Rivières on Ave. Chauveau in the Saint Joseph neighborhood. They also serve up one of the best poutines in Quebec City.

Discover The Best Food in Quebec City For Yourself

We have you covered if you’re looking for the best food in Quebec City. These must-try Quebec City dishes will delight your flavor senses as you explore one of the most incredible foodie destinations in the world.

If we missed a dish, don’t hesitate to drop a comment below, and I’ll be sure to check it out on my next visit to Quebec City.

Disclosure: Some of these experiences were done with the support of Destination Quebec Cite. All opinions remain my own.

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