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Welcome to Flavor the Globe! This website explores the world from the angle of culinary travel. Our writers explore the world and bring the best food travel, restaurants, culinary experiences, and recipes to life on our pages.

Whether you’re looking to experience Peruvian cooking, Moroccan tagine, or Kentucky BBQ, we bring the flavors of the world to you.

Flavor the Globe believes that the best way to experience travel around the world is through your mouth. Because the smells and flavors of travel can live on forever in your kitchen.


Chinese ramen to Canadian poutine, discover the best recipes from adventures around the world.

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Explore the world from kitchen to kitchen. Our travel articles share amazing culinary experiences to eat your way around the globe.

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Making delectable cuisine is helped by having the right tools. From immersion blenders to creme brulee torches, these are the tools that we use.

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