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Authentic Thai Papaya Salad Recipe: How To Make Som Tam Thai From Scratch

Thai papaya salad recipe

Som tam Thai or Thai papaya salad is the perfect answer to a hot day. This sweet, sour, and spicy dish is easy to prepare and absolutely delicious. No matter where you are in Thailand, som tam is available. In every night market, wooden pestles and porcelain mortars are pounding fruits and salads into one […]

Traditional Turkish Beef Kofta Recipe: How To Make Turkey’s Most Famous Street Food

Traditional Turkish beef Kofta recipe served on a white plate

This Turkish beef Kofta recipe walks you step-by-step through how to make one of the most popular Middle-Eastern street foods. Turkish Kofta, or “Kofte,” as it’s sometimes called, is one of the most popular foods to eat across the Middle East. Whether you’re traveling through Morocco, Iran, or Turkiye, kofte can be found sold by […]

The Best Food in Turkiye: 10 Dishes You Must Try When Traveling In Turkiye

Men holding up kebaps and The best food in Turkiye

Finding the best food in Turkiye doesn’t take a lot of work. Turkiye is packed with incredible culinary delights from pide to Turkish delight. The country of Turkiye (formerly known as Turkey), offers a foodie scene as unique as the country itself. This magical country spans Europe and Asia and features a culinary heritage influenced […]

Unique Toronto Restaurants: Enjoy a Smorgasbord of Dishes in the World’s Most Multi-Cultural Metropolis

Unique Toronto restaurants

These unique Toronto restaurants offer the perfect chance to experience the incredible flavors of one of the world’s most multicultural cities As a travel journalist, I have been writing about stellar “foodie” destinations for many years, yet, for no explicable reason, I have never written about my hometown. I was born, bred, and educated in […]