With over a hundred countries under their belt, the Flavor the Globe editorial team are passionate about travel. With each destination comes a new and exciting chance to experience local food traditions, ancient recipes, and unique dietary customs.

Whether they’re crafting Incan-style chocolate in Cusco, Peru or touring the most spectacular culinary experiences in Shanghai, China, the Flavor the Globe team lives and breathes world cuisine.

On Flavor the Globe you’ll find unique and easy-to-follow recipes from around the world, tips for finding the best food tours in some of the world’s most exciting foodie cities, and guides to the most amazing food to try whenever you travel to somewhere new.


If you have an amazing food experience that you’d love to share, reach out to our Flavor the Globe team. We would love to hear about it.

Meet The Flavor The Globe Team

Kevin Wagar travel and food writer

Kevin Wagar
Founder/Editor in Chief

Kevin Wagar is a professional travel writer, photographer, and adventurer. Whether he’s slurping wormwood in the Philippines or snacking on brown cheese in Norway, food is always at the heart of his travels.


He has wandered the world in search of unique cultural experiences and culinary traditions and gets a thrill out of sharing those delightful experiences with those who love flavorful adventures.


When Kevin isn’t discovering new recipes and food experiences for Flavor the Globe he can be found chronicling his family adventures around the world on his website Wandering Wagars – Adventure Family Travel. He is also the co-founder of Ultimate Ontario, a digital publication showcasing some of the most unforgettable experiences from his home province in Canada.

Christina Wagar food writer

Christina Wagar

Christina Wagar was born in the Philippines, growing up in Manila, food was at the heart and soul of her culture. And since moving to Canada at the age of 10, that passion has followed her on journeys across the globe.


Christina has spent much of the past 30 years traveling around the world in search of the most unique and flavorful food experiences. From dining among the clouds to creating tea straight from the plant, Christina’s passion for flavor knows no bounds.


Her deep love for food means that she searches out kitchens around the world to learn about new and exciting recipes, local food customs, and fascinating cuisine. She can often be found introducing unique dishes to her two boys. And when she’s not eating global dishes, she’s planning her next adventure.

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